Vigilant's Trial

Location Mountain Pass
Quest Giver The Lantern Keeper
Reward/s 290 EXP
946 Gold
Sliding Ability
Eternal Daylight

Vigilant's Trial is a Quest in Vigil: The Longest Night. Quests are tasks given by the various NPCs in Maye, Leila can obtain unique rewards for completing these tasks. To view your progress of a quest, open the side menu, and cycle to Leila's notes.


Vigilant's Trial Objectives

  • The Porta Avernus
    • The Old Lantern Keeper said that I must pass through the Porta Avernus to complete the Trial of the Vigilant.
    • Swan mentioned a gatekeeper from another world, could this have something to do with the trial.
    • Head to the Catacombs.
    • Defeat The Ancient Guard.


Vigilant's Trial Information


Vigilant's Trial Rewards


Vigilant's Trial Walkthrough


Vigilant's Trial Notes, Tips, and Trivia

  • Notes, Tips, and Trivia Go Here



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