Vigilant's Trial

Available Prologue
Previous Quest N/A
Next Quest Find the Doctor
Location Mountain Pass
Quest Giver The Lantern Keeper
Reward/s Sliding Ability
Eternal Daylight

Vigilant's Trial is a Quest in Vigil: The Longest Night. Quests are tasks given by the various NPCs in Maye, Leila can obtain unique rewards for completing these tasks. To view your progress of a quest, open the side menu, and cycle to Leila's notes.


Vigilant's Trial Objectives

  • The Porta Avernus
    • The Old Lantern Keeper said that I must pass through the Porta Avernus to complete the Trial of the Vigilant.
    • Swane mentioned a gatekeeper from another world, could this have something to do with the trial.
    • Head to the Catacombs.
    • Defeat The Ancient Guard.


Vigilant's Trial Information


Vigilant's Trial Rewards


Vigilant's Trial Walkthrough

  • You'll obtain this quest at the beginning of the game when The Lantern Keeper appears before Leila.
  • Defeat The Craving Terror on the Mountain Pass, then head to Maye Town.
  • Complete Bruna Missing, you will get Cemetery Key as a reward.
  • (Optional) Speak to Swane at the Tavern, he will tell you details regarding a gatekeeper from another world.
  • Head to the Catacombs via the Cemetery and follow the Professor's trail. You'll come across an unknown altar that will allow you to enter an unknown dimension.
    • IMPORTANT: This is the point of no return. Make sure to finish all quests, explore the map thoroughly, and collect remaining items before fighting the boss. You will not be able to return here until NG+.
  • Defeat The Ancient Guard and then speak to The Lantern Keeper to close this quest.


Vigilant's Trial Notes, Tips, and Trivia

  • Notes, Tips, and Trivia Go Here



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