Trophy & Achievement Guide for Vigil: The Longest Night covers information that indicates a list of all the trophies and/or achievements that can be obtained in order to achieve platinum or 100% completion rate for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Players can find information on how to obtain the following trophies/achievements that are listed below.


  • Q: How many playthroughs are needed to get all achievements?
  •  A: Two.


  • Q: Are there missable achievements?
  • A: Yes. All missable achievements are marked in the table.


  • Q: What's the fastest way to grind experience for I Want Them All achievement?
  • A: It is recommended to do this achievement in NG+2 or even NG+3: enemies give more EXP on subsequent New Game cycles, and an option to put your skillpoints into stats becomes available at Cat Master's in NG+.
    • Obtain one or more copies of Stray Ring for extra 30-120% EXP bonus.
    • Obtain Snake Raid (or any other fast and strong spell) and put all your skillpoints into Arcane stat to increase its damage.
    • Teleport to B5 (Sewer on Estuary). In the room on the left is a Corpse Ball, which on higher NG cycles grants a very generous amount of experience. With leveled up Arcane stat Snake Raid kills one in a couple of seconds.
    • If you have any Ptyaloliths from the Other God in your inventory save them to gain last levels.


Vigil: The Longest Night Trophy & Achievement Guide

Icon Name Missable Requirements
I want to be a Vigilant! achievement I want to be a Vigilant! No Start the game.
Night Hunter Night Hunter No Defeat The Craving Terror.
Redemption Bruna's Redemption No Defeat Brood Mother.
Complete the Vigil Trial Complete the Vigil Trial No Defeat The Ancient Guard.
The Tide Rider The Tide Rider No Defeat Kelpie, the Lord of Tide.
Flames Doom Flames Doom No Defeat Erupting Flesh Cluster.
Her Last Supper Her Last Supper No Defeat Lord of the Misty Lake.
Broken Wings Broken Wings No Defeat Plague Doctor.
Light of Doom Light of Doom No Defeat Light Devourer.
By the Will of Dephil By the Will of Dephil Yes Get Sisters ending.
Most Correct Choice Most Correct Choice Yes Give three Cubic Crystals to the Doctor.
Skeptic Skeptic Yes Refuse to give Cubic Crystals to the Doctor, then follow Hilda to the Top of the Giantwood.
Sealed Disaster Sealed Disaster Yes Defeat Scholar of the Sacred Wood.
Sealed with Hatred Sealed with Hatred No Defeat Princess Downally, Leader of Betrayers.
Storm in Otherworld Storm in Otherworld No Defeat Uptancos, Pulse Surrounder.
The First One The First One No Defeat Dephil, The First One.
Detective Leila Detective Leila Yes  Complete sidequest Royal Detective.
Mysterious Pen Pal Mysterious Pen Pal Yes Complete sidequest Glorious Guard.
August's Adventure August's Adventure Yes Complete side quest Descendent of the Guard.
Running Around Running Around Yes Complete sidequest Errands.
Eyes on You Eyes on You Yes Begin sidequest Mysterious Person to obtain Fallen Eyeball.
Lost Fortune Lost Fortune Yes Complete sidequest Hamilton's Jewelry.
Miner Savior Miner Savior Yes  Complete sidequest Rescue The Survivors.
Connoisseur Connoisseur  No Complete sidequest Happy Accident.
Across the Sea Across the Sea  Yes  Complete sidequest The Draft in a Bottle.
No Salt Babe No Salt Babe Yes Complete side quest Shortage of Salt.
All Alone All Alone No Complete side quest Monazite.
Golden Dream Golden Dream Yes Complete sidequest Gold Rush.
Secret of Church Secret of Church Yes Complete side quest Light of the Truth.
Top Salesman Top Salesman Yes Complete side quest Placebos.
Let's Play! Let's Play! Yes Complete side quest Recovery.
Beg from Beggar Beg from Beggar Yes Spend all money, then speak to Drew to get 5 Gold from him. Repeat 4 more times.
Craftsman's Persistence Craftsman's Persistence No Enchant 5 pieces of gear and upgrade them to +7. Must have all five on you at the same time.
I'm RICH I'm RICH Yes Buy a house from Buffe. He lowers the price from 100,000,000 to 10,000 if you refuse to pay.
Glass Hearted Glass Hearted Yes Keep shaking patient's bed in the Asylum until he wakes up to get Glass Heart.
Home Sweet Home Home Sweet Home Yes Collect and place all furniture in Leila's house.
Sword Master Sword Master No Complete the sword skill tree.
It's all about Practice It's all about Practice No Complete the bow skill tree.
Faster and Faster Faster and Faster No Complete the dual weapon skill tree.
SMASH! SMASH! No Complete the axe skill tree.
Survival expert Survival expert No Complete the survival skill tree.
I Want Them All. I Want Them All. No Reach level 161 to complete all skill trees.
Acrobat Acrobat No Reach 99 of Throwing power.

Dead Man Suit +7, Broken Arrow Headwear +7, and Ingenuity 3 skill will net you 102,8 in Throwing.
Or speak to Skill Master in NG+ to respec and then use the new option to put 99+ skillpoints into Throwing stat.
Great Arcanist Great Arcanist No Reach 99 of Arcane power.

NG+ achievement. Speak to Skill Master in NG+ to respec and then use the new option to put 99+ skillpoints into Arcane stat.
Unlike Acrobat achievement, there is no combination of gear and skills that allows Leila to reach over 100 in Arcane.
Arcane Collector Arcane Collector Yes NG+ achievement. Obtain all Arcane Items.
Requires to complete sidequest The Twins twice to obtain both sets of rewards.
Concentrated Water Drop is not required.
Weapon Collector Weapon Collector Yes

Get at least one of every weapon in game.
Contrary to its description this achievement requires only weapons that were available in the game on launch.

Possible bug: the game might not register weapons that were upgraded. If the achievement doesn't unlock, try obtaining +0 version of all weapons that were upgraded.

Cloth Collector Cloth Collector Yes

Get at least one of every equipment in game (including rings).
Contrary to its description this achievement requires only armor and rings that were available in the game on launch.

Possible bug: the game might not register equipment that was upgraded. If the achievement doesn't unlock, try obtaining +0 version of all equipment that was upgraded. 



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