Serve the Church

Available Act 2
Previous Quest Eliminate the Skeletons
Mysterious Person
Next Quest Light of the Truth
Location Maye Hall
Quest Giver Rove
Reward/s Nun's Habit

Serve the Church is a Quest in Vigil: The Longest Night. Quests are tasks given by the various NPCs in Maye, Leila can obtain unique rewards for completing these tasks. To view your progress of a quest, open the side menu, and cycle to
Leila's notes.


Serve the Church Objectives


Serve the Church Information


Serve the Church Rewards


Serve the Church Walkthrough

  • Complete the quest Eliminate the Skeletons to gain access to Shimmer Church.
  • Progress the quest Mysterious Person until the Doctor leaves to give a speech at Maye Hall.
  • At Maye Hall you will see a man named Rove. In a conversation with him doubt Bishop's existence and he will give you The Fractured Holy Six Necklace.
  • Head to the Church and read the inscriptions on the statues. There's also one in the Library outside of the Church
    • If you have any placebos on you, at the Church's entrance you will be stopped by Sister Maggie. You won't be able to enter unless you agree to give remaining placebos to Sister Maggie, or get rid of them somewhere else.
  • Now speak to Sister Holly and test your faith by answering correctly to her questions.
  • You'll complete this quest after you pass the test. Test consists out of 5 questions randomly selected from 10 possible variants. Try to remember the scriptures you can read around the church.
  • Once you've passed, Sister Holly gives you the Nun's Habit armor. This will grant you access to enter the Bishop's Room - just make sure you're wearing the nun's garb.


Serve the Church Notes, Tips, and Trivia



How do you enhance the power of Goddess? Devotional prayer
The false Old Ones never..? Fulfill
Night to this world is..? Harmful
Which of the following has the largest difference in time to the Goddess? Leila
The Shimmer religion is based in? Monotheism
Which of the following is the source of Goddess' glory by Shepherd Habul? Light
What do the Holy Six respond to? Body, Silence, Heart, Peace, Acceptance, and Perseverance
Which of the following is a necessary item in ancient Shimmerless Day? Hexagonal Candle
Be not afraid to walk alone in the Darkness. Look to the shining light in the distance. That is ..? the Light of your heart
Which of the following is the Goddess of beauty among the Old Ones? Satis




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    • Anonymous

      The "Light of the truth" quest can be completed after you kill the boss in the Giantwood and trigger the so called apocalypse where everything will now be in red. Go and visit the bishop and next to her bed will be a key to the forbidden library. In there will be the Day Light arcane spell. Its pretty useless having around 30 seconds cooldown. That will complete the quest.

      • Anonymous

        After you can access to the bishop's room, you can talk to her to start a new quest called "Light of the truth" where she ask you to find an "Eye Cloth" that can be found in one of the chest in Sacredwood. After you came back with it and give to Arabela the quest seems end here but the green check will not appear. Plus Sister Holly told you to find Sister Alice but i can't find her anywhere. Anybody know where she is?

        • Anonymous

          For anyone struggling, here are the answers to the church questions:

          the light of your heart
          Hexagonal Candle
          Body, Silence, Heart, Peace, Acceptance, and Perseverance
          Devotional Pray


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