Ptyalolith from the Other God

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Item Effect Use to gain a level
Selling Price 0 Gold
Purchase Price N/A

Ptyalolith from the Other God in Vigil: The Longest Night is a Consumable Item. Consumables are items that can be used in and out of battle, consumables grant various effects such as health regeneration, buffs, while other weapons are categorized as ammo required to use long-range weapons, and throwable items that are used to damage enemies and to inflict various negative status effects.


These offerings were used in the forgotten religion of the Old Ones.

Level up after use."


Ptyalolith from the Other God Information

  • Item Effect: Use to gain a level.
  • Selling Price: 0 Gold
  • Purchase Price: N/A. Found throughout the game.


Ptyalolith from the Other God Acquisition

  • Prologue
    • Catacombs: in a small room with torture devices on the western side of the area.
  • Act 2&3
    • Miner's Path: at the end of the secret area on the western side of the map.
    • Depressing Forest: Above D1 Owl Statue in a hidden area. Jump up and attack to knock the cage down to access it.
    • Inside of the Giantwood: From D10 Owl Statue, head east and climb upwards. Head west to the end of the room and use Breath of the Goddess to access a hidden area where it will be lying on the ground. This is also where you can find Snake Raid.
    • Frozen Realm: From the second teleporter in the Frozen Realm, head west until you reach the end of the platform. You will have to drop down from the edge and air dash east to reach the item.
  • Act 3


Ptyalolith from the Other God Notes & Tips

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      Seems there are seven in total: one in the prologue, three in acts 2/3, and two in act 3. I might be forgetting one from like a quest reward or something but once I confirm their locations I'll update the page.

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