Vigil: The Longest Night - Locations (Act 3)

Locations (Act 3) in Vigil: The Longest Night covers the different areas that can be explored in the game. Here, players will encounter and discover various EnemiesBossesNPCs, and much more in each location. This page covers a list of the various areas that can be discovered in Act 3.

Note: most locations don't change between Act 2 and Act 3. This page covers locations previously inaccessible in Act 2.

Prologue | Act 2 | Act 3



  • Shimmer Church
    • Forbidden Library (Locked door)


  • Maye Hall - Workshop
    • Upper Underground Hall (F1)
    • Middle Underground Hall (F2)
    • Lower Underground Hall (F3 & F4)
      • Dilapidated Nightmare

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