Available Act 2
Previous Quest N/A
Next Quest N/A
Location Maye Town
Quest Giver Drew
Reward/s Stray Ring

Homelessness is a Quest in Vigil: The Longest Night. Quests are tasks given by the various NPCs in Maye, Leila can obtain unique rewards for completing these tasks. To view your progress of a quest, open the side menu, and cycle to Leila's notes.


Homelessness Objectives


Homelessness Information


Homelessness Rewards


Homelessness Walkthrough

  • When you reach Maye Town in Act 2, head west from the entrance of the Asylum and speak to a beggar named Drew.
  • He'll ask you for 10 Gold, give him the money.
  • You won't be able to speak to him again until you progress quest Mysterious Plague by killing either of the bosses.
  • Every time you defeat a boss, make sure to talk to Drew and give him 10 Gold.
    • If you kill two bosses in a row without speaking to him, the quest will fail.
  • After giving him the total of 30 Gold, he'll give you the Stray Ring as a reward and you'll close this quest.


Homelessness Notes, Tips, and Trivia

  • Drew might be a descendant of Bruna, Tangerine's second adoptive daughter who shares the name with her older sister, Bruna the Brood Mother. The cutscene of Tangerine cradling a baby will play if you re-enter her house in Prologue after finishing Bruna Missing.
  • The achievement called "Beg from Beggar" requires to beg to Drew 5 times. In order to get it you must spend all money until you have less than 10 coins left in the inventory, and then speak to Drew. He will give Leila 10 coins. Repeat four more times to get the achievement.



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    • Anonymous

      After you rescued Paul and Vincent from the mine, you get a reward that can be coins or if you rejected it, an old coin, which I try to give to Drew an he told me a ghost story at the cemetery, is this part of another quest?

      • Anonymous

        if you defeat both bosses while exploring the area without going back to the doctor after each one , drew disapear and quest will makred as failed

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