Eliminate the Skeletons

eliminate the skeletons quest vtln wiki guide
Available Act 2
Previous Quest -
Next Quest Serve the Church
Location Cemetery
Quest Giver Atlas
Time Limit Yes
Reward/s 500 Gold
x1 Triangular Shimmer Stone
Access to Shimmer Church

Eliminate the Skeletons is a Quest in Vigil: The Longest Night. Quests are tasks given by the various NPCs in Maye, Leila can obtain unique rewards for completing these tasks. To view your progress of a quest, open the side menu, and cycle to Leila's notes.


Eliminate the Skeletons Objectives

  • Read the notice in front of the Shimmer Church at the Church Plaza.
  • Speak to Atlas at the Gate Outpost of Maye Town and he'll ask you to clear out the skeletons in the Cemetery.
  • Collect any 10 bones (PelvisVertebraScapula) and give them to Atlas.
  • Repeat.


Eliminate the Skeletons Information


Eliminate the Skeletons Rewards


Eliminate the Skeletons Walkthrough

  • Upon arriving back to Maye Town, head to the Church Plaza via the Outskirts of Maye and read the notice that's on the front door of the Shimmer Church.
  • Speak to Atlas at the Gate Outpost of Maye Town and he'll ask you to clear out the skeletons in the Cemetery.
  • As proof, you need to collect 10 bones. Doesn't have to be of one type, Atlas accepts any combination of two or three.
  • (Repeatable) Upon collecting 10 bones, go back to Atlas and hand him the items. You will be rewarded with 500 Gold and Triangular Shimmer Stone x1 for every set of ten.
  • Completing this quest will open the Church which you can now visit.


Eliminate the Skeletons Notes, Tips, and Trivia

  • Notes, Tips, and Trivia Go Here



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    • Anonymous

      So from what I can tell, he will take the pelvis and the scapula but will not take the vertebra. It can be any combination of the former two bone types.

      • Anonymous

        Might be a bug, but this quest is repeatable for me! Every 10 bones (not just pelvis) I turn in, I get the 500 gold and triangular shimmer stone.

        • Anonymous

          I am not sure if this is a bug or a mistranslation or anything, but I think instead of Pelvis, it should be "Bones" because it seems any 10 bones will do, whether it's a vertebrae, scapula OR pelvis. I don't think it has to be 10 of a kind either, just any combination of 10 of these.
          This might get patched tho, this is just how it worked for me in the unpatched launch version.

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