Double-Headed Axe

Weapon Type Axes
Skill Tree Axe Skill Tree

Double-Headed Axe is an Axe in Vigil: The Longest Night. The Axe is one of the four types of weapon that Leila can use in battle to inflict damage onto the enemies and bosses she encounters, the Axe may constrict Leila's movements but it is capable of inflicting heavy powerful blows.


Hitting an enemy will recover health.

"Sacrifice and acquisition are synonymous." - Pace the Martyr"


Double-Headed Axe Special move

  • Sacrifice -  ←  → + Attack button


Double-Headed Axe Acquisition

  • (Act 2&3) Flooded Area - Giant Shipwreck: from B4 Owl Statue go to the large room directly underneath it, then use Dash from the left platform to reach the right platform.


Double-Headed Axe Notes

  • Health leech grants ? HP per hit.
  • Price listed in the inventory: 3000 Gold.
  • Can be sold for 1800 Gold.


Double-Headed Axe Upgrade Table











+75 +82,5 +90 +97,5 +105 +112,5 +120 +131,3

Poise Damage

+125 +137,5 +150 +162,5 +175 +187,5 +200 +218,8


+20% +22% +24% +26% +28% +30% +32% +35%

Potion recovery

-20% -22% -24% -26% -28% -30% -32% -35%


Double-headed Axe Combat Mechanic

  • When an Axe is equipped, Leila can execute light to heavy attacks, she can also perform a backstep to evade enemy attacks, as well as placing the Axe in front of her to block any incoming attacks.
  • A successful dodge will negate any damage - dodging consumes a small amount of stamina whenever it is used.

Double-headed Axe Notes & Trivia

  • Other notes, tips, and trivia go here.
  • In Vigil: The Longest Night, each weapon has its own unique set of moves that changes Leila's stance and fighting style whenever she switches weapons.



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    • Anonymous

      This is a great "build around" weapon. Health leech grants 10 HP per hit. You can quickly restore health with the Whirlwind or Earthshaker skills. The damage is not the best but it synergizes with reflect damage abilities such as the Molten armor enchantment, and Thorns and Man of Steel skills.

      • Anonymous

        Found it at the Stranded Ship lamp, you need to go down to the large gap then dash jump to the right. It is hidden on a ledge on the top right. Air dash helps a lot.

        • Anonymous

          You can find this axe in the flooded area inside the ‘stranded ship’ have to attack jump or dash to get there though.

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