Curved Daggers

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Weapon Type Daggers
Skill Tree Daggers Skill Tree

Curved Daggers are dual Daggers in Vigil: The Longest Night. Dual Daggers is one of the four types of weapons that Leila can use in battle to inflict damage onto the enemies and bosses she encounters, the daggers are capable of inflicting light and fast attacks that can easily stun enemies.


These simple daggers are more at home with a hunter than a warrior."


Special move

  • Cross Slash: ← → + Attack button





  • Price listed in the inventory: 200 gold.
  • Can be sold for 120 gold.


 Curved Daggers Upgrade Table

  +0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7
Attack +19 +20,9 +22,8 +24,7 +26,6 +28,5 +30,4 +33,3
Poise Damage +28 +30,8 +33,6 +36,4 +39,2 +42 +44,8 +49


Curved Daggers Combat Mechanic

  • If the daggers are equipped, Leila can execute light, fast attacks, and is capable of stunning the enemy. However, she loses the ability to block attacks, and the dodge mechanic such as the front roll and backstep are both replaced with a blink that allows Leila to teleport through the enemy and its attacks.
  • If a blink is triggered at the right moment, Leila can also inflict damage onto the enemy.

Curved Daggers Gallery

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 Weapon location

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 Weapon showcase 


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