Comet Strike

Skill Type Daggers Skill
Related Weapon Daggers
No. of Upgrades 3
Prerequisite Agile
SP Required 1
Skill Effect Deals 2.5x damage.

Comet Strike is a Daggers Skill in Vigil: The Longest Night. Daggers Skills features a number of skills that further boosts the effectiveness, adds various buffs, and increases Leila's mastery of wielding the dual Daggers. In order to unlock a skill, players will need to obtain skill points by leveling up - and to do this, Leila will need to continuously kill enemies and bosses or by completing quests.


Launch a critical attack at enemies when they attack. If success then can be activated continuously (Press Special action button when enemy attacking. Press direction button again when circle effect is focussed in the centre.)


Comet Strike Information

  • Skill Type: Daggers Skill
  • Related Weapon: Daggers
  • Prerequisite: Agile
  • No. of Upgrades: 3
  • Skill Point/s Required: 1
  • Skill Effect/s: Deals 2.5x damage.


Comet Strike Acquisition

  • This skill can be found under the Daggers Skill Tree.
  • It requires 1 Skill Point/s for it to be learned by Leila.


Comet Strike Upgrades

Skill Lvl Points Required Effect
Comet Strike Lvl. I 1 Deals 2.5x damage.
Comet Strike Lvl. II 1 Deals 3x damage.
Comet Strike Lvl. III 1 Deals 3.5x damage.

Comet Strike Notes & Trivia

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