Bloody Stamp

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Item Type Arcane Item

Bloody Stamp in Vigil: The Longest Night is an Arcane Item. Players must equip Arcane Items to their quick slot for it to be used by Leila, these items allow her to execute various effects in the form of a mysterious form of magic. Casting Arcane Magic consumes Mana when used, which is shown to the right at the bottom right of the item's icon. Apart from that, each Arcane Item has its own cooldown time that is affected by your arcane status.


Created by an unknown artisan. This item will rapidly consume HP over a short period of time to simultaneously increase Attack."


Bloody Stamp Information

  • Item Effect: Temporarily increases Leila's attack but consumes HP for a short period of time.


Bloody Stamp Acquisition


Notes & Tips

  • Price listed in the inventory: 3000 Gold.
  • Can be sold for 1800 Gold.




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    • Anonymous

      Comment below me is correct. It has a hard cap at +15 attack, but it increases by +5 for every 15 points in arcane you have. In other words, getting all the manuscripts in the game caps the buff.

      Still, +15 is a pretty nice buff when paired with atk%, and the tusk ring almost entirely nullifies the debuff.

      • Anonymous

        Further testing shows that it is actually +10 attack bonus modified by percentage multipliers and unaffected by arcane. (I also posted the previous comment that is incorrect)

        • Anonymous

          Appears to be a +15 attack increase modified by whatever +% attack modifiers you have. While active it will increase the attack shown in your equipment screen.

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