Air Dive

Skill Type Daggers Skill
Related Weapon Daggers
No. of Upgrades 3
Prerequisite Meteor Shower
SP Required 1
Skill Effect Deals 2.2x damage.

Air Dive is a Daggers Skill in Vigil: The Longest Night. Daggers Skills features a number of skills that further boosts the effectiveness, adds various buffs, and increases Leila's mastery of wielding the dual Daggers. In order to unlock a skill, players will need to obtain skill points by leveling up - and to do this, Leila will need to continuously kill enemies and bosses or by completing quests.


Performs a dive attack when jumping. (Press Heavy attack button in the air)


Air Dive Information


Air Dive Acquisition

  • This skill can be found under the Daggers Skill Tree.
  • It requires 1 Skill Point/s for it to be learned by Leila.


Air Dive Upgrades

Skill Lvl Points Required Effect
Air Dive Lvl. I 1 Deals 2.2x damage.
Air Dive Lvl. II 1 Deals 2.6x damage.
Air Dive Lvl. III 1 Deals 3x damage.

Air Dive Notes & Trivia

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